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Unquotable quotes: Witch-Doctors and Tribal Headmen - XXIV (Part One)

BY T. Wignesan

Unquotable quotes: Witch-Doctors and Tribal Headmen* – XXIV-Part One

The Uhr-Father of the embodiment of spiritual power since the Middle Ages must certainly have been the Witch-Doctor of primitive societies who shared power with the Headman of the Tribe (to which each of us separately belongs).
The roles Witch-Doctors and Tribal Headmen assume and enact out in every society has never changed, though in some cases both roles have coalesced into one and the same person.
Quite conceivably, the Headmen are those who manage to seize power over the rest of the clan through intrigue or by brute force. In some cases, they might quite conceivably have been born leaders who came to the rescue of their fellow-men through sheer courage in times of hardship by displaying a sense of justice in the face of corruption and terror, though their hereditary successers fall in line with the Witch-Doctors.
On the other hand, the Witch-Doctors – the close associates of the Headmen, one needing the other – might resort to power through the agency of “magic formulae” and the use of spells, mantras and dubious ceremonies claiming ownership of the “unseen/unseeable” dark forces which could either be interpreted as “spiritual” or “daemonic” and with which they threaten the unwary laymen – and likewise the Headmen – with retribution and damnation here-in-after if the others didn’t submit themselves to their own will and demands.
The primordial role of Witch-Doctors is the consecration and anointing of Tribal Headmen who thus become invested with Divine Rights permitting the setting up of Royal Houses with hereditary lineages through heavenly transfusion of “blue” blood.
Likewise the “anointers” get to arrogating this right from the Almighty Himself or, at least, this is what they would like the common folk to think.
The most lethal weapon ever conceived by the human mind is “the fine art of indoctrination”: Burrough’s Algebra of Need – catch them early, catch them dazed and hungry, is the motto.
Power operates by stealth: through intrigue and secrecy.
He who wields power has access – without your knowledge or consent – to your soul and to your purse as well.
The Witch-Doctor and the Tribal Headman are by nature Slave-Traders.
The idea is to device a bait, something to drive terror into your psychic depths and hold you prisoner there, and nothing works as well as “fear” – fear for your life, for your children, for your kith and kin, and for your tribe and country, but most of all for the here-in-after, the fear of the Unknown, the Unknowable being the Almighty: for Hell.
From the moment the Witch-Doctor instils fear in you of the hell awaiting you, you are his slave. And in this, the Headman will be his closest associate.
Henee, with invented texts of “holy” authority the Witch-Doctors manipulate the masses.
They control and guide your life on earth by soothing your psychic pains with words of comfort, according to each of their denominations’ doctrines, tenets and beliefs.
The Witch-Doctor – mind you – is not responsible for the Dead.
The Witch-Doctor is protected: his job is to keep the flock in his charge at his beck and call or at his disposal.
The Witch-Doctor declines responsibilty for the damage the indoctrinated inflict upon some rival’s followers.
The Witch-Doctor is a slave to his Lord and Master and must do the bidding of his Alma Mater’s managers.
In short, he is the paid employee of his own concocted “god”, not the Almighty, for that would mean working for all “gods”, that is, the entire populations that have inhabited this gullible earth.

© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2016

T. Wignesan



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