Occupy Poetry


BY Sun Tae Kim

What will we do with the blood
and human misery
in which we dive into,
Double-Think consciously, everyday?
Will any amount of self and externally inflicted
amnesia erase the stinging emptiness
we feel right before we go to bed?
Two wars, officially. Trying to
open up a third in Iran, maybe Pakistan, now Libya.
Gaza. Barely alive.

War is organized murder. Our
high-tech military is killing people
in the name of a few profiteers.
Mostly civilians are dying. They bomb children.
poor people are killing poor people
and vice versa. Debt: 13 1/2 trillion.
Top 1% owns 47.8%. Top 10% owns
85.5%. That's from last year April 2010. Something tells me it's gotten worse.

We don't have fair healthcare. More money
to the elites in banks, car industries etc, etc. More money
for people with more money, while 90% fight
for the scraps -- 15.5% of the wealth. The top 1% gets
more money from the bottom 99%. Top 10%
gets more money from bottom 90%. They
are the guards. Stop watching TV & most movies.
Please. The ethos and values within are not yours.
The world and most of its people are crumbling all around us.
Bottom 90% fight the guards not each other.
Soldiers brainwashed in boot camp, think how Plato's Cave applies to your lives.
Bottom 90% and guard 9% do that too.
We're not
going to
"make it"
doing what the masters expect.
They'll take and take until you don't have the humanity left to know what missing most of it feels like.
College does not guarantee jobs anymore. You can thank Reagan for that mess. The official national unemployment rate teeters around 10%. The real unemployment rate are double that. The minority unemployment rate is double that.

It's a pipe dream. Let go.
We can have all we want from life--so called--
once we let go of the masters' illusions.
False promises. They want us as their obedient white and blue collar slaves,
fighting each other, not the man.
It's a pyramid scheme. It's divide and conquer.
see it before it's too late.



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