Occupy Poetry

We are Human.

BY Ivy Jlassi

Freedom of speech,
Should be allowed to all who are born.
Practice what you preach:
We should be able to live our lives without feeling like a pawn.
These are our streets:
Our hope will not be torn.
Our message is what we need to teach,
Without feeling the 'higher-archy's' scorn.

When you are born, you are a human being:
Not a number or a 'person'.
Our ears are all hearing and our eyes are all-seeing:
The government tries to stop this:
Our omniscient approach begins to worsen.
We must stand up for what we believe in,
If we want what is right.
We must never give in.
We will not stand up for our rights.

We are human:
Not puppets to their plan.

We know what is right,
And we will make a stand.




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