Occupy Poetry

What It is, What It Is Not.

BY Jennifer Shawker

It is not some trendy way for saying good by
or long hippie hair, drugs,
or two fingers held high.
It may be an absence of war,
but it's not always the absence of strife.
It is more of a way, a path,
a kind of attitude in approaching life.
I find it in smiles, handshakes, or a warm hello.
In prayer, meditation,
simply gazing at a candle's warm glow.
It is present when we work together
toward a common goal.
This is a feeling is available to us at all times.
But it takes work, commitment, compassion,
a spirit that lives to seek and find
what we all have in common:
it takes an open mind.
Working together, doing our part,
it's then we discover:
Peace is a place in our hearts.



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