Occupy Poetry

Whats The Use Of A Title?

BY Charles Bukowski

They dont make it
the beautiful die in flame-
sucide pills,rat poison,rope what-
they rip their arms off,
throw themselves out of windows,
they pull their eyes out of the sockets,
reject love
reject hate
they do'nt make it
the beautiful can't endure,
they are butterflies
they are doves
they are sparrows,
they dont make it.
onetall shot of flame
while the old men play checkers in the park
one flame,one good flame
while the old men play checkers in the park
in the sun.
the beautiful are found in the edge of a room
crumpled into spiders and needles and silence
and we can never understand why they
left,they were so
they dont make it,
the beautiful die young
and leave the ugly to their ugly lives.
lovley and brilliant: life and suidcide and death
as the old men play checkers in the sun
in the park.



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