Wicked Dark

by Gopi Kottoor

Wicked dark, how not wicked
you enroll me in your laid song of dust
not telling me where or when or how or why
not telling me a thing
but breaking one by one
the feathers of my wings
each wound an enchiridion,
a deepening epiphany
as you bring up the dead,
wicked dead
that are lucky and do not know it
that all light
turns haywire breathing poison.

The Zong

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About Gopi Kottoor

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Gopi Kottoor ( Gopikrishnan Kottoor) b.1956, Trivandrum, Kerala, India. First published in ' The Illustrated weekly Of India', at 17, at about the time he began to write poems. He has several distinguished prizes for his poetry, including, The All India Best Poetry Prize in the Special Category, The All India Second Prize, and also commendations in the All India Poetry Society Society, British Council awards (95-98). He has published in major magazines including Nth position (UK), Ariel (Canada), Orbis, (USA), Verse (USA), and in poetry anthologies, such as Bloodaxe Anthology of Contemporary Indian Verse (UK), and Post Independence Indian Poetry in English, among others. He was Resident poet, Augsburg, Germany, on an ICCR scholarship where his book of poems ' Father, Wake Us In Passing" was translated into German, and as published as a Laufscrift, Furtn edition, 2004. He enrolled in The MFA of the Texas State University, (San marcos, Texas, USA) and Kathleen Peirce showed interest in his work that gave him the enrollment. His poems on Radha-Krishna can be read online at www.gopikottoor.blogspot.com, which has by now over 3500 hits. His selected poems ' Victoria Terminus' is his tenth book of poems. A poem from his poetry collection ' A Buchenwald Diary', on Buchenwald concentration camp, East Germany was chosen as prayer by Ardours of Christ . He presently lives in Trivandrum, Kerala, India.