Occupy Poetry

Williamsburg Opera

BY Saira Viola

The UPS rolls along with a side step shuffle His smile taped with programmed sincerity His eyes hold the day on silver notes of kindness dipped in OJ and morning after sighs

A shopping cart of opportunities straddle his gait A Jewish grandma wobbles over to the East Side of McCarren Park her long skirt and Argyle sweater hide her knitted nausea . She manages to smile at a couple in their late twenties .

He wears, super skinny jeans , horn rimmed shell specs and has an asymmetric chop that curves to the side hiding his left eye. She wears converse Retro sneakers and a battered leather jacket . She has, Prussian blue eyes and sun dipped curls , firm in skin- tight denim and a black American Apparel T . They say "hello", but are too busy to stop and chat they have a Fellini movie to catch at Night Hawk it's the smartest cinema in the neighborhood.

A little before a quarter to three and Nicky takes the L train to see her boyfriend Will. There's a music concert on East River Park ; a small slice of nirvana now theirs to keep.

Out on the bridge the sun is caramelizing the skies with streaks of gold, glassy ribbons of light bounce off the railings and gleam back onto store fronts and shop windows like lacquered paint with a high sheen.

Nicky shares a secret her smile like a stream of roses in high Summer punked with shell-pink sweetness. Love crowns the day and everything is blue bird easy.

Fast Food and Gin on the Lawn



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